• These trailers are built for advertising. They are not for carrying heavy loads
  • The trailers should not be towed at high speed. Recommended max speed is 80km.
  • The trailers should not be used on high wind days. Ok for 25km/h or less. Beware of gusts.
  • These Trailer Signs are not suitable to travel long distances on open HWYs or FWYs.
  • Do not stand on the trailer unless it is attached to a vehicle .
  • If parking the trailer a wheel clamp or any weight bearing item should be used to stop the trailer from moving in the wind and potentially damaging other vehicles – Optional add on kits are available to secure the trailer.
  • Do not park on the footpath


  • Request to move the VMS trailer will be charged at $75 per hour/ Please note if drivers have to wait onsite for any reason for pick up or delivery of sign we charge $55 per hour waiting time.
  • Once the sign/trailer has been set up that is where is stays, locked and secured for the duration of the hire period
  • Message changes are free of charge during office hours. Out of office hours changes need to be pre-arranged. Any changes to be received by email.


  • Daily hire rate will increase accordingly if hire period is terminated earlier than agreed upon.
  • Council and or Vic Road permits and or landlords permission are the responsibility of the customer. Any fines or costs incurred will be billed to the customer and paid immediately.
  • In authorising a hire you accept responsibility for any damage or theft to the equipment, & or damage to property. If any vandalism, damage or theft occurs you will be liable for 100% of the repair or replacement costs. Unless a damage waiver is taken in the agreement.
  • Trailer Signs reserves the right to cancel any job if the site is deemed unsafe or unsecure.
  • Should your account exceed our trading terms all costs including debt collection, commission, solicitors fees and any out of pocket expenses will be the liability of the customer.

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